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Capone calls for $40K longevity pay to end

Questions why one of the state’s highest paid mayor’s needs more


Mayoral candidate Fred Capone asked his colleagues to wipe out the city charter provision which provides longevity payments for the mayor.

His motion was met by the council’s decision to move the issue, which is likely to be hotly contested, to the Legislative Affairs committee.

The mayor’s voices on the council piped up quickly when Capone’s measure was offered, with the mayor’s cousin, Councilor Anthony DiPierro, rushing to the microphone to derail Capone’s effort immediately.

Councilors at Large Mike Marchese and John Hanlon voted against sending the measure to committee, which is the rough equivalent of killing the issue.

The measure sending Capone’s ask to committee passed 6-3.

Marchese told the Leader Herald the mayor is robbing the taxpayers.

Everett City Hall. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

“There’s no way he should be receiving $40,000 a year in longevity. Frankly, it is an outrage. Read the City Charter. It does not provide or allow for such a payment to the present mayor,” Marchese added.

Capone expressed similar thoughts at the meeting.

“I don’t believe there is a need for longevity pay for the mayor. The reward for the job is getting elected,” he told the council.

He noted the mayor’s salary at $200,000 “is a significant amount of money. The mayor doesn’t need longevity pay.”

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