Crowded council at-Large race will be a brawl

SEPTEMBER 27: Everett City Hall. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

10 vying for two open seats


The at-large race proves once again how difficult it is to move into the big leagues of city council territory.

Balloting last week showed clearly that two seats are available and that it is most likely only those two seats that will turn over.

Anything is possible.

If the past is an indication of the future, two bright lights in the over 2,000 voter range will be hard to beat among the incumbent at large candidates who will be returning to council unless something highly unusual takes place on November 2.

Stephanie Smith received 2,164 votes and seems as sured of an at-large seat in November.

Ilene Cardillo also seems assured with a seat after scoring 2.061 votes.

Incumbents John Hanlon, who topped the ticket with 2,255 votes, Mike Marchese, with 2,174 votes, and Richard Dell Isola with 1,934 votes appear in good position to retain their seats.

However, Guerline Alcy is within striking range with 1,685 votes and James Mastrocola with 1,271.

Alcy is the popular former city employee and political organizer with deep roots in the city’s substantial Haitian community.

Mastrocola is a well-known Everett businessman with an insurance company on Route 16.

A large flush of voters is expected to come out on November 2, many thousands more than voted in the primary. How they vote in the final is anyone’s guess.

The top four finishers in the primary will be hard to beat.

Other than Hanlon and Marchese, it is difficult to know what the other candidates stand for presently.

That will likely change before November 2.

Matewsky is running for a ward seat.

Adrien’s term ends in January.

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