Fire Chief Carli resigns

Lt. Scott Dalrymple expected to be appointed


Everett Fire Chief Anthony Carli is resigning.

He submitted his resignation last week.

Lt. Scott Dalrymple is expected to be named chief by the mayor.

Firehouse sources claim Carli was disappointed he could not do more than he was doing, and that he felt frustration at being unable to make the changes in the department he was advocating.

Carli was appointed chief on January 30, 2020, after several years as the acting chief. Union rules did not allow for the acting chief to become the chief, but the Everett City Council went forward with his appointment as chief unanimously.

A seven-page report issued by the Everett City Solicitor’s office allowed for the city council vote at the time.

The city solicitor gave the administration the OK for the appointment of Carli as chief. In retrospect, the city solicitor’s determination was wrong, or at least, was overturned by the union’s imperatives.

Carli had recently been demoted to acting chief in accordance with Firefighters Union rules and regulations.

Carli could have remained as acting chief but at a vastly reduced salary – by as much as $1,000 a week.

This would have impacted on his pension.

Carli resigned as a result to keep his full pension rights which are attached to the highest salary he was being paid.

Dalrymple is a longtime firefighter and friend and supporter of the mayor.

He suffered serious injuries to his hands, which required months of rehabilitation and treatments in 2018 fighting a fire on Morris Street.

Dalrymple and another firefighter ran into a house on Morris Street on July 13 to rescue a woman trapped on the second floor of the burning building.

“As I got to the top of the landing, I felt really, really, really hot,” Dalrymple said. “I turned around and said to Josh, ‘Go, we have to leave.’ All of a sudden, it must’ve flashed, everything ignited. I remember being dragged down the stairs and I remember the whole time screaming.”

Dalrymple went through several surgeries but returned to work following his full rehabilitation.

Dalrymple is popular with the firefighting force he is likely to lead.

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