Mayoral Showdown on Nov. 2

Primary day voters cast ballots at City Hall. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Adrien endorsement seen as critical in 5-week marathon, 56% of voters voted for challengers


The mayor came in first, but his performance was the worst of his political career.

His vote revealed fundamental weaknesses as 56% of Everett voters did not vote for him. They voted for Fred Capone and Gerly Adrien.

Capone’s second-place finish leaves him 900 votes away from the mayor. His outing revealed he did not get out the vote he is capable of.

Adrien’s third-place finish with nearly 1500 votes is the equalizer – a disappointment for her – but as important a vote total to potentially come to his side as Capone could ever imagine.

How to bridge the 900 vote gap between the mayor and Capone, and how to woo, at the same time, Adrien’s 1,500 to his side is part of the political magic that must be conjured up to achieve that end for Capone to win and for the mayor to lose.

Other key questions remain following the primary.

Will Adrien endorse Capone?

Is Capone up for the uphill battle?

How and by what measures will the mayor energize his campaign?

Adrien is said to be set to endorse Capone. There is little love lost between Adrien, her supporters, and the mayor.

SEPTEMBER 27: A “Thank You” balloon at Fred Capone’ campaign headquarters. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Such a combined campaign to unseat the mayor is exactly what Capone needs to depend on.

Capone said last week following the primary that he is set to continue to intensify his campaign to persuade and prove to Everett voters that he is the candidate with integrity, honesty, and transparency.

The mayor said last week he was humbled by the voters’ response to his candidacy for re-election.

He pledged to work hard to be victorious on November 2. His handlers want the mayor to continue doing what he has been doing – looking and acting like the mayor without any rancor towards his opponents.

The mayor is painfully aware of his low voter count in the primary, despite spending about $150,000.

The total vote in the prima- ry, about 6,200, was about 1,000 votes more than anticipated by City Clerk Sergio Cornelio.

Obviously, those added votes went to Adrien and Capone, not the mayor.

The mayor’s victory on the primary was followed by a deep sigh of relief.

The primary, however, proved the mayor remains the man to beat.

More voted against him than for him.

For Capone and the mayor, November 2 looms as the ultimate equalizer.

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