Congrats to Sarnie, Cardillo and Smith

Cynthia Sarnie, Irene Cardillo, and Stephanie Smith scored huge and convincing votes in last week’s primary.

We urge these three women on the rise in the Everett political arena to maintain their independence, to speak out on the crucial issues that face them, and we urge them not to be intimidated by anyone.

These are three bright and decent women seeking to make a name for themselves.

Sarnie is already a well known Everett political figure.

Cardillo has seemingly come out of nowhere.

Smith is a shrewd, hardworking, and honest woman bringing up her young family in Everett.

Between them and held among them, in small part, is the future of the city.

We urge them to work hard to get themselves elected. The city will be better for their presence.

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