Proof is in the numbers

SEPTEMBER 27: Fred and Michele Capone along with supporters hold Capone for Mayor signs as the election shifts to Nov 2 finale. (Contributed photo)

On September 21, 2021, Primary Day, Everett voters demonstrated that they want change. That day over 6,300 votes were tallied. The mayor received 2,883 votes, but his two challengers received 3,452 votes.

A desire for change is in the air!

As I campaign across our city, many people have told me that 14 YEARS IN OFFICE for any mayor is more than long enough; that it is TIME FOR SOMEONE NEW.

Residents have expressed concern with current taxation despite significant casino revenue. Many supported the casino with the understanding that taxes would come down and now feel betrayed that it hasn’t happened. Concern was expressed that we need to better fund education and provide more opportunities for our students.

There is outrage toward all the new large-scale developments throughout our city, especially those that dwarf residential neighborhoods.

That outrage continues where Stop & Shop on the Parkway is closing for even more luxury development.

Another topic of concern is the perceived sense of indifference from some elected officials and the feeling that inquiries to various city departments seem to go ignored or forgotten.

Many have complained about the mayor’s annual longevity pay ($40,000.00 and growing) attached to the base salary (approximately $200,000), and his request for additional compensation in the form of an annual $6,000.00 car allowance.

Some residents expressed concern regarding the state of the current business environment in our community.

Traffic congestion and excessive street work, without advance notice, causing chaos in daily commutes were expressed by many.

Allowing the construction of residential buildings with limited or no parking also caused concern. Overall affordability and lack of affordable housing opportunities within our city is a common theme.

As your Mayor, your voices will be heard and your concerns will get addressed. You will have meaningful input in the direction of our City’s future. For other areas of concern or ideas, please visit my webpage at www.fredcaponeforeverett. com. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in the Primary and made your voice heard.

Let’s stand together and we will get the needed change we seek!

Fred Capone Candidate for Mayor

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