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The voters have spoken

Primary day “I Voted” stickers. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Voters are the ultimate jurors who deliver the ultimate verdict on our elected public officials.

Last week, 56% of Everett’s 6,300 voters did not vote for the mayor.

They voted against him, stunningly so in fact.

What they voted against is the mayor of Everett acting with impudence as a corrupt municipal leader.

They voted against the mayor signing a proffer agreement with the US Attorney’s office that allows him to operate as long as he provides information to the FBI.

Voters do not suppose he offered the FBI information about himself coercing and threatening the city clerk to pay him $96,000 recently.

They took notice of his threats to remove the city clerk and to ruin his life if he didn’t pay.

Voters do not and did not approve of the mayor receiving a $40,000 a year longevity package when he is supposed to receive only $10,000 a year.

Voters gave Gerly Adrien fully one-quarter of the total vote because Black, Brown, and Hispanic voters know the mayor does not care for them, does not advocate for them, and does not hire them to work in city employment.

Voters intuitively know about the mayor’s habits and tendencies – that is – to give only favored vendors multi-million city contracts.

Voters surmise that the vendors pay for these favors.

Why else would the same vendors receive preferred treatment time and again?

In 2020, the mayor left the city to vacation in Aruba when the city closed down for the pandemic.

Voters know the mayor’s work ethic. He took at least 90-100 days of vacation in 2020 and in 2019. He is the only city employee who works harder at taking vacations than working inside city hall.

City hall employees deserted the mayor because they are tired of being forced to make campaign contributions to him twice yearly, and for having to hold his signs, and to walk the city’s streets knocking on doors for him.

Voters rejected the mayor because they are tired of his threats to take their jobs and to ruin their lives if they don’t do as he demands.

The mayor’s past incidents of sexual harassment and violence against women did not sit well with voters, and certainly not women voters.

The fact he has paid off women in return for demanding their silence is abhorrent to many voters.

What kind of mayor acts like this?

What kind of man acts like this?

The kind of mayor who received only 44% of the vote and who goes around gloating that he topped the ticket. Some ticket topping.

Some mayor.

Proven leadership. LOL.

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