Get well Eric Demas

A week ago Monday, at a council meeting at city hall, Chief Financial Officer Eric Demas was called to make testimony about something or other.

Like a good soldier, Demas appeared.

For many of us watching the live proceedings on ECTV, we were shocked when Demas tried to speak.

He came wearing a mask. He took off the mask to speak.

He appeared to be fighting a very bad cold.

He was sneezing, coughing, sniffling, wheezing, and in general, he never should have appeared at that meeting.

In fact, we were quite surprised not one councilor made a mention that Demas should have stayed home and taken care of himself.

It has come to be known that Demas apparently has contracted Covid-19.

We say with sincerity that we wish for Demas’s full recovery.

We understand the potential seriousness of being sick with COVID or with any number of illnesses and afflictions that can rob us of our health and good feeling.

We almost never agree with Mr. Demas’s absolute support and rigid fiscal interpretations that uphold the mayor’s twisted agenda.

However, in this instance, we feel for him as we feel for all those who get sick.

We hope for his speedy recovery.

We wish him the best.

We look forward to sparring with him when he returns to work.

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