The GOAT prevails

A very large number of us watched the Patriots play the Buccaneers Sunday night.

(Photo by Jim Mahoney)

The outcome was predictable.

Many of us believed the Pats would be drubbed.

Those of us who thought this way were pleasantly surprised that the Pat’s came a few inches away from victory on the last kick of the football at the end of the game.

That failed field goal was the difference between a Brady victory and a Brady defeat.

It was frankly hard to know what was right about this game.

Many of us rooted for Brady.

Many of us rooted for the Pats.

As we watched, many of us wondered how the Patriots and Bob Kraft could let the GOAT get away.

Mr. Kraft must think about this often, we believe.

How could he not?

After all, when you let the GOAT go, it is akin to letting Babe Ruth go as the Red Sox did in 1917.

One might well ask, how could the Red Sox let Babe Ruth go?

One might well ask Mr. Kraft the same question.

“How did you let the GOAT get away? The dynasty is done.

The GOAT is still winning.

The Patriots are swimming around in mediocrity.

How and why did Mr. Kraft let the GOAT get away?

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