We need an honest public servant

By Steve Pinto

We have a mayor that has no limitations or boundaries when it comes to fleecing Everett taxpayers.

Everett’s treasury has become Carlo’s personal bank account.

The longevity 40k payment is political greed at its worst. The mayor has no shame and obviously lacks a conscience. It’s not enough to already be one of the highest-paid mayors in the state for him.

It’s not enough to get travel expenses.

To take months of vacations at taxpayer expense.

It’s not enough to have a good lifelong benefits package. The mayor is greedy. The mayor is jealous. He wants more He wants it all.

The sick and disturbing part of this equation is that he believes he is entitled to it.

He believes the city treasury is his.

He has mastered a game that might well be called, screw the taxpayer. Get as much as you can and whatever you can before it’s over.

He was elected to do a job that came with a pay scale for doing that job.

Why isn’t $189,000 a year enough for our mayor?

Why should he be allowed to raid our treasury for tens of thousands of dollars more?

We have certain politicians that will continue to protect him and protect each other.

This is what happens when you have career politicians. They learn how to swindle the taxpayers.

Fred Capone as our mayor will restore our faith and integrity in city government.

He’ll return city hall to the people. The city hall treasury is not Carlo’s bank account. It is the peoples’ bank account. It doesn’t belong to Carlo or the council.

Fred Capone won’t steal our tax money. He doesn’t aspire to steal from the people of Everett.

Fred Capone is not a politician.

Fred is a public servant, and proud to be one. We need more public servants, not politicians.

Steve Pinto comments on politics and the city. He is a longtime resident of Everett.

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