Alcy running at full throttle for Councilor at-Large seat



For nine years, Guerline Alcy worked at city hall.

In nine years of faithful service, with a flawless work record, she was never promoted despite repeatedly applying for better positions.

Many working with her were promoted.

She was passed over every time.

For many years during her service on the first floor in the office which houses the 311 center she was the only Black woman employed inside city hall.

She started out in the mayor’s office but was moved to the first floor by the mayor following a situation.

What exactly that situation was is something Alcy says is a long story she is mulling over.

She told the Leader Herald during an interview last week she wants to tell her personal story about her experience with job discrimination and sexual harassment at Everett City Hall.

She specified nothing else about the matter.

Mainly, she is presently concerned with pushing forward her candidacy for a Councilor at Large seat.

“I want to win a seat, I want to be a voice for change. I want to be a voice for Black people, Brown people, for white people for everyone,” she told the Leader Herald.

“I was a token Black person at city hall for long enough,” she said.

Alcy said she would like to be a catalyst for change when it comes to the services the city offers to residents about housing.

“We all need to do more to make government programs and assistant more available to the city’s property owners,” she said.

She said she remained concerned about discrimination in the job place.

“Again, we must all do more to make city government here more inclusive,” she added.

In a full-page ad appearing in this edition of the Leader Herald, Alcy urges voters to cast a ballot for Fred Capone in what will be perceived as an endorsement.

“Fred will do a great job. He’s honest. He has integrity. He’s transparent. I believe he will listen to everyone and try to do the right thing before making a decision. What more can we ask for in a mayor?”

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