Capone riding big momentum

OCTOBER 8: Mayoral candidate Fred Capone greets campaign workers in Everett Square. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Calls for audit of city finances if elected

Mayoral candidate Fred Capone said earlier this week that an audit of the city’s finances would be likely when he is elected mayor.

“Transparency at all levels of government is essential particularly when it comes to city finances,” he told the Leader Herald.

“It is crucial to have a thorough and accurate understanding of our city’s financial well-being in order to properly plan for the future. An overall municipal audit following proper accounting procedures seems appropriate. Depending on the findings, a forensic audit may be required,” he added.

He said that depending upon the findings a forensic audit might be necessary.

A financial audit of the city’s assets and the budget would identify expenditures and balances kept in real-time.

Capone promised to make municipal bills available for public review both online and in person.

He said all residents deserved the opportunity to know what exactly is being spent and why.

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