We lost out on a $130 million firehouse

It is impossible to imagine just how badly the city was ripped off by Steve Wynn and his crew when they took the mayor to the cleaners on the host community agreement that was ultimately negotiated by the mayor.

The mayor settled for $30 million when Everett could have received $130 million for a new fire station in South Everett with all new equipment to be an adjunct to safety precautions necessary because of the presence of the casino and hotel.

The train left the station on that one back in 2018 when Encore was being built.

Why didn’t the mayor consult with others before shooting from the hip?

Was he star-struck by Steve Wynn and all his cohorts? Yes, he was.

Did it affect his performance? Yes, it did.

What is the result? We got short-changed.

Who pays for this?

The taxpayers of Everett.

The casino brings in the city about $30 million a year.

That amount should be $40-$50 million to make any sense for the future.

Too bad the mayor wasn’t thinking about the future when he made that host deal.

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