Adrien endorses Capone

OCTOBER 20: Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone after she endorsed his mayoral campaign. (Contributed photo)

Her voting bloc an important addition to his mayoral campaign


Pledging allegiance to a new day that may alter the horizon in the hotly contested mayor’s race, Fred Capone has received and enthusiastically accepted the endorsement of Councilor Gerly Adrien in his bid to become the mayor of Everett.

Adrien’s endorsement is a huge score for Capone during a critical time when his momentum is palpable in a close election that will go down to the wire.

Adrien campaigning for Capone could likely turn the tide in this race.

She has a long reach in the city. She is an influencer. Thousands of people listen to her and believe in her.

Adrien, of course, finished third and out in the recent mayoral primary. However, her close relationship and knowledge of the Haitian community should be crucial as well as beneficial to Capone.

Her endorsement is a big deal in this race.

It is important and Capone welcomed it.

Adrien has a wide base of support throughout the city.

That support includes women, men, younger people, and nearly everyone who considers themselves part of the new Everett.

Mayoral candidate Fred Capone and supporters greet voters on Broadway. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Adrien wants her followers to believe in Capone as she says she does. She asked her followers and those men and women seeking change in Everett this time around, to believe in Capone.

“He will build a more inclusive City Hall for the voices of the many, not the few, and he will guide the city forward,” she wrote in a joint statement released Tuesday morning by Capone’s campaign.

Capone said Adrien’s endorsement was welcome news.

“The endorsement of City Councilor Gerly Adrien is the latest surge of support that Team Capone has added as the November 2nd election draws near. Councilor Capone continues his high energy campaigning style with less than two weeks to go until the general election,” his campaign reported.

Adrien added this to the joint statement:

“My candidacy for Mayor of Everett was inspired by the many, everyday people who feel that City Hall, and the business that takes place there, is not for them. All residents deserve a city government that listens to their concerns and takes appropriate action – a bare minimum that is not being met by our current Mayor.”

Adrien said she was supporting Capone because it was the right thing to do all things considered.

“All residents deserve a city government that listens to their concerns. Fred will listen. I know he will be committed.”

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