Adrien’s endorsement a message

By endorsing Councilor Capone’s mayoral candidacy, Councilor Adrien is drawing a line in the sand.

She has said that she will not endorse and could never endorse the current mayor for a wide variety of personal and political reasons.

Her endorsement of Capone puts an exclamation point to Adrien’s thinking about who ought to be the next mayor of Everett, and what might he be bringing to city hall?

The line in the sand she has drawn is between her and the mayor.

He can’t stand her. She wants no part of him.

Capone, on the other hand, is more of Adrien’s type of candidate.

He is honest. He has personal integrity. He keeps his word. He is careful, thoughtful, incisive and he is ever the thinking man’s lawyer about many things.

Capone’s perspectives on life vastly differ from the mayor’s. Adrien perceives the mayor as someone who does not care for her, not just because she is Black and successful, but because she’s , Black and successful.

She does not understand his animus toward her.

She feels much more comfortable with Capone.

Capone is always deferential and respectful of Adrien in the public forum.

He respects where she comes from, who she is, and what she is about.

For these reasons, among a host of others, this is why she is endorsing Capone for mayor.

Capone is reasonable. Capone is not greedy. He is white but he does not see by color nor does he act any differently with people of color and ethnicity than he does with his own.

Capone is the type of man Adrien hopes will be leading the city when all is said and done.

We applaud Adrien for endorsing Capone.

We applaud Adrien for remaining in the fight for change. Those who believe in her need to vote for Capone on November 2.

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