Why I won’t be voting for Carlo DeMaria


I was elected to the Board of Alderman at the age of 78 years old. I also became the last President of that Board.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria was elected to become the Mayor of Everett in the same year.

I served as an elected official for 8 years alongside the Mayor and also Councilor Fred Capone.

I am a supporter of Fred Capone for Mayor.

I voted for Carlo DeMaria for the first two years as Mayor and I also was proud to nominate Fred Capone to become the President of the Board of Councilors after he served on that Board for two years.

I have witnessed the bad behavior change in Mayor Carlo DeMaria after his first term and I also witnessed the best performance of Councilor Fred Capone during my tenure as an elected official.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria became very vindictive, as he made sure you must agree with him or else he would fire you from the position he appointed you to and that happened many, many times.

He also became very greedy, as he would have one of his favorite Councilors propose legislation to increase his salary and perks to the point that he is now the highest-paid Mayor in the State of Mass.

He is now earning $660.00 per day!!!

It is true, as he often states, that he has done many things to improve the infrastructure in the city, BUT at what cost???

Rather than reduce our tax rate, he spends money very wastefully, trying to buy your vote with your tax dollars. Our tax rate should be much lower than what it is because we receive much more tax revenues from the Casino and the many, many apartment developments that have been built in the city, which by the way causes much more traffic in the city.

The Mayor has been under investigation by the FBI, and he has hired a Criminal Law Firm at the cost of $1500.00 per hour. WHY?

Fred Capone has been loyal to his family and to the citizens of Everett, he has always voted for the good of the Everett citizens, he is a businessman in the city of Everett. He is honest, he has integrity and you will be proud to have him as your Mayor.

To the voters that voted for Gerly Adrien in the Primary, I know that you are disappointed, as I have been many times when I voted for a person that lost, but I never stopped voting. You voted to defeat Mayor Carlo DeMaria in the Primary, you owe it to yourself and the Citizens of Everett to vote to defeat him in the Election on November 2nd!!!

Editor’s Note:

Sal Sachetta is a 91-year-old widower, the proud father to 4 Children, 9 Grandchildren, and 4 Great Grandchildren.

He was born to immigrant parents that had 11 children and he lived in Everett for most of his life.

He graduated from Everett High School and Bentley School of Accounting and Finance.

He joined the US Army in 1952 during the Korean War and was honorably discharged after serving two years.

He retired in 1994 as a Vice President of a large local corporation.

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