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Dupont made Sgt., Palermo joins police

Leader Herald Staff

Two longtime Everett residents from well-known Everett families received a wide round of hearty applause from the city government and friends and family who witnessed their swearing in Monday night inside the Council chamber.

With a great deal of friendliness and savoie faire, Council President Wayne Matewsky led the officiating.

Peter Napolitano, the assistant city clerk, delivered the oaths of office.

Sworn in were Heather Dupont, who was made a sargeant.

She is only the second woman to have achieved that rank and honor in the department to date.

Also sworn in as a new police officer was Nick Palermo.

On hand for the event was former and beloved police Captain Bontempo.

Matewsky announced his presence and praised Bontempo.

He’s been retired for m9 years and accord- ing to the former captain: “I’m enjoying myself.”

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