Election Commission rocks

The Election Commission may have missed a large number of fraudulent votes and it may have overlooked or simply underestimated the value of checking every ballot whether mailed in or cast last Tuesday but we can tell you this – the vote counting effort by the Election Commission last Tuesday was absolutely, positively the fastest and most efficient Election Night tabulation of the total vote we can recall during the past two decades of covering elections in Everett.

The tabulation was announced, distributed and finished by 9:00 p.m., an unheard of never matched tabulation of a vote by an Everett Election Commission.

We trust and we hope this is the beginning of much bigger and better things to come from the Election Commission.

The Election Commission should be officially congratulated by the City Council for its speed and efficiency.

And if some questions remain about votes cast by outsiders, the Election Commission needs to make certain that as much time is taken to correct the public record of the vote as that need far outweighs the speediness it showed Tuesday night.

Short of smaller issues existing, it was quite a night at city hall for the Election Commission.

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