Good luck to Vivian Nguyen

Vivian Nguyen rather soundly defeated longtime councilor Rosa DeFlorio last Tuesday.

Nguyen becomes one of the youngest, if not the youngest woman to ever be elected a city councilor in the city’s history.

She is 21 and a senior at Babson College in Waltham.

She is bright. She is concerned. She is active in the community and her ward, and she appears to have a great future standing before her.

As a Vietnamese woman, her victory is made all the more notable.

She will join Councilor Jimmy Tri Le on the council in January.

Le is also Vietnamese.

At no time in the modern political history of the city have there been two Vietnamese city councilors.

This election cycle was Nguyen’s second time around.

She learned her lessons well.

Last time out, she lost by 25 votes.

This time out, well, she clobbered DeFlorio.

There will be a learning curve for Nguyen as she attempts to come to terms with the responsibilities of serving on the council.

We have no fear about Nguyen ramping up quickly to take her place on the council.

We congratulate her on her stunning victory over a longtime councilor with strong ties to the mayor.

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