Marchese top vote getter on new council

Mayor to continue controlling city council


The new council looks to be controlled almost entirely by the mayor following Tuesday’s vote.

This would be the continued and unchanged control of the city council by the mayor.

He won’t be controlling Mike Marchese, who topped the ticket in the at large race with 3,402 votes – and he won’t be controlling former mayor and city clerk, John Hanlon, who came in second with 3,248.

Third place finisher Stephanie Smith is a member of the more than 3,000 club at the top of at-large balloting.

Smith finished up high with more than 3,241 votes. She is believed to be an independent voice.

Richard Dellisola has never made a vote on his own when it comes to the mayor. He finished fourth in balloting last Tuesday.

Irene Cardillo came in fifth with 1,987 votes. She will be a certain vote for the mayor.

Council President Wayne Matewsky ran unopposed. He will be serving as council president until January. Matewsky votes for the mayor. He votes against the mayor. He is a hard one to control.

The next council president is predicted to be the mayor’s cousin, Councilor Anthony DiPierro. He will do whatever the Mayor tells him to do.

He will definitely have Councilor Stephanie Martins vote. She ran unopposed. The two are said to be very close…politically.

Martins ran unopposed. She tends to vote with the mayor.

Jimmy Tri Le also tends to vote with the mayor. He roundly beat Holly Garcia 754-461.

The new ward 5 councilor Vivian Nguyen is considered independent. The 21 year old buried longtime councilor Rosa DiFlorio. DiFlorio was the mayor’s most ardent supporter on the council.

The new Ward 6 councilor will be local businessman and the mayor’s best friend Al Lattanzi, whose wife works for the mayor.

He will be a sure vote for the mayor every time. Lattanzi is not about independence. He buried first timer Ross Pietrantonio.

For Lattanzi, this was his second outing and a successful one at that.

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