Mayor to Control and Manipulate School Committee

Changes and or Retaliation May Be on the Way

By Josh Resnek

There are no arguments about where the mayor stands when it comes to Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani.

The mayor does not care for her. He dislikes her style of leadership. He is offended by her intelligence and he is especially put off by her independence from him.

The mayor wants a return to yesterday or something like that.

He would prefer a subservient, order taking, wall flower superintendent to Tahiliani.

With the new School Committee coming into power in January, he will be able to do just that.

He has apparently told trusted aids that he is willing to pay-off Tahiliani’s remaining years on her contract just to get rid of her if necessary.


Those who know the mayor best and who understand his mindset understand this – there are many, many jobs for him to hand out and m any, many contributions to his campaign chest to be made by the new appointments the mayor would make if and when he has the chance.

All of this has come to a head of sorts since the mayor was recently made a full voting member of the School Committee.

Following last week’s election, the mayor is coming closer to his dream of dominating the School Department.

He will have a largely compliant School Committee doing his bidding whenever he asks as a result of who won and who lost, who quit and who remains.

The at-large contingent votes thusly:

Cynthis Sarnie likes the mayor. She was the number one vote getter in the balloting. The mayor will look to Sarnie for leadership.

Samantha Lambert finished second. She is an independent voice.

Joseph LaMonica will also tend to support the mayor’s initiatives. He finished third.

He may have a problem, however.

Margaret Cornelio, who finished fourth by 9 votes has had her vote count raised by 6 votes with last minute balloting.


She is now 3 votes away from tying LaMonica. She has asked for a recount.

If Cornelio wins as a result of the recount, she will be another lonely voice against the mayor’s tendency toward excess.

Millie Cardello, who ran unopposed, is a popular School Committeewoman. She knows how to play the game.

Jason Marcus is old school. Just when it seemed like he had disappeared, he has come back to life. He beat Caitlin Steinberg by 24 votes.

Jason will talk about independence but the mayor will have his vote.

Veterans Agent, the very popular Jean Cristiano, won a tough and close race over Samantha Hurley. Twenty eight votes separated them.

Ward 4 saw Mike Mangan defeat Dana Murray.

Mangan will be a rubber stamp for the mayor.

Marcony Almeida Barros will not be a rubber stamp for the mayor or for anyone. He will act independently. He ran unopposed and garnered a huge vote.

Councilor Mike McLaughlin will now be School Committeeman Mike McLaughlin. He beat out Catherine Tomassi Hicks. Mike is a popular guy around the city. He has recently been a bit all over the place but has landed standing on his feet with this victory.

McLaughlin will profess independence.

But he’ll vote with the mayor.

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