Pushed around by mayor, local contractor says he will sue


Two weeks ago following a short presentation before the City Council decrying how the mayor and the city had denied him a contract he won to perform services, Peter Tufts left the council chamber.

The mayor confronted him, berated him, swore a fusillade of obscenities at him and threatened him physically, chest bumping him down the third floor corridor.

“I have served the city with a request for videos of the incident,” Tufts told the Leader Herald Monday night.

“When I have received those videos from the city showing the mayor chasing me down the hall and as- saulting me, my lawyer will be filing a lawsuit against him,” he added.

He said camera footage from the incident would reveal the police chief witnessed the incident as well as the mayor’s chief of staff Erin Deveney.

“He’s a bully. That’s Carlo DeMaria. I pushed him over the edge standing up for my rights before the council. He thought he could bully me. He isn’t going to get away with it,” Tufts added.

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