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We Believe the Virus is Gone But It Isn’t


A visitor returning from California to Massachusetts had this to report.

In Los Angeles, the mask mandate remains in full force.

“Everyone was wearing masks everywhere all the time in Los Angeles,” my wife reported when she returned.

‘Everyone was masked in the airports and on the airplanes,” she added.

Tens of thousands of new cases of Covid-19 are reported all over the nation from week to week.

Thousands continue to die.

In Massachusetts last week, the Department of Public Health reported 1700 new cases of COVID-19 and at least 17 confirmed deaths.

Booster shots are now being made available at all CVS stores upon appointment, and in some, it’s as easy and quick as walking in.

Massachusetts vaccinations are among the highest in the nation, with something like 80% of the population vaccinated.

There remains those who refuse vaccination for every kind of reason in the world, and this is especially so in Southern American states, so-called “red states” where not becoming vaccinated has become a rallying cry for freedom.

In Everett, mask wearing remains fairly abundant among a large part of the population and not so abundant among the remainder.

For those of us who have been vaccinated, the likelihood of catching COVID-19 is remote.

This is the miracle of science and medicine combined. Refusing the vaccination is not so easily understood.

After all, more than 750,000 Americans have died of COVID-19.

Refusing vaccination is more important to those given the disease by those who refused to be vaccinated. Refusing vaccination is folly.

Refusing vaccination is short sighted.


Refusing vaccination can lead to your own death and to the death of those you love.

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