The Patriots Rock

It wasn’t too many weeks ago that this writer counted out the Patriots.

“They are going nowhere,” this writer postured for the Everett sports audience.

That thought reveals how little I know about pro-football and the ability of great coaching and a great young quarterback and all the important components of a winning team can do to turn the sporting world upside down.

The Pats aren’t quite yet there.

However, the romp over Cleveland Sunday announced loud and clear: the Pat’s are back.

From believing they were going nowhere, I have now developed the belief they might actually appear in the Super Bowl with a bit of luck.

Wouldn’t that be something!

Mac Jones is the real thing. He’s got guts and poise and an arm like a rifle. Does he remind all of us of someone we continue to miss?

Of course he does.

He is every measure a young Tom Brady – only 23 – with confidence and skill and the ability to pass from the pocket even knowing he is about to be wiped out.

This is what defines Mac Jones.

His is the kind of talent that takes the Pats a long way this year.

How could I ever have counted the Pats out?


I’m a Boston sports fan with a memory that’s about one game long.
Go Pats!

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