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The Blue Suit

Josh Resnek discusses Kyle Rittenhouse, and Carlo’s talk with President Biden, with the mayor’s Blue Suit. As usual, the mayor’s Blue Suit leaves no stone unturned.


I asked the Blue Suit where he’d like to have lunch after I picked him up as he walked down Elm Street Tuesday afternoon.

“What do you want. You name it. I’m treating,” I told the Blue Suit.

He was very pleased to hear I was treating.
“You know what I’d like?” he asked me.
“Let me guess,” I answered. “You want charcoal broiled steak tips and lamb.”

“How did you know this?” he shot back. “That is exactly what I want.”

Then he joked with me.

“The best charcoal broiled steak tips in the city can be found at Oliveira’s,” he said with certainty.

“You mean the place on Broadway that burned down?”

The Blue Suit placed his hands on his stomach over the jacket of his suit as if holding onto a medicine ball.

“Roger that, Josh,” he said to me.

“So now you think you’re a comedian. I mean, charcoal broiled steak tips from Oliveira’s! Don’t give up your daytime job for comedy…you’ll starve.”

We cruised the city up and down Broadway, up and down Main Street, all around the Exxon land and near to Distrigas.

‘So what do you think of that kid Rittenhouse, you know, the kid carrying an AR-15 automatic rifle who killed two men and wounded a third during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020?” I asked the Blue Suit. “I want your answer, not Carlo’s, please.”

“Some people are saying that kid should get a medal for defending himself, that he had the right to shoot the people he did,” the Blue Suit answered.

“Do you really believe that?” I asked.

“Yes. I do. I believe the decision of the jury was correct. Do you know how hard it is to get a unanimous vote from a jury?” he added.

“You know he killed two people and seriously injured a third. Do you believe he thinks about that?”

“Not really. He’s just a kid.”

“Do you think he’ll ever show up again at a protest carrying his automatic rifle?” I asked.

“Let’s hope not,” The Blue Suit replied.

We turned into the Stop and Shop parking lot on the Parkway. “What’s this I heard about President Biden calling Carlo?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“How did you know about that!” the Blue Suit exclaimed.

“I hear everything unless you forgot,” I said to him.

“Yeah, President Biden called Carlo on his cell. He was wearing me when the president called.

“What did they talk about?” I asked.

“The president asked Carlo if he could get him some chips to gamble for free at the Encore. You know he’ll be on Nantucket during the holiday and he knew Carlo was already home from Aruba.”

What did Carlo tell him.

“He said he’d give Matt Maddox a call. He also said he’d ask Jerry if he had any connections. The Encore people don’t really talk much with Carlo anymore. Getting free chips isn’t that easy anymore,” the Blue Suit answered.

“You know what, Josh?” he said. “The president invited Carlo and Jerry down to Nantucket for the holiday. Carlo declined for himself and on Jerry’s behalf. He told the president he and Jerry would be attending a religious conference. The president said he understood completely and that he respects religious freedom,” the Blue Suit recalled.

“The president also asked if the city’s CFO Eric Demas could join him at the White House.”

“What’s that about?” I asked.

“The president said he heard Demas is a master at making up budgets and that he wins awards for the Everett budget.”

‘”I hear Demas is a magician! How he hides that $40,000 a year longevity payment has my experts in the budget office all excited,’” the president allegedly told Carlo during the phone call.’”

“Oh, and the president invited Carlo to the White House for a private card game with Hunter and a few of Hunter’s friends from the Ukraine and China.”

What did Carlo say about that?”

“He was delighted. The president even invited Carlo to sleep over in the Lincoln Room. I was a little disappointed in Carlo’s response,” said his Blue Suit.

“What was it?” I asked.

‘”What’s the Lincoln Room?’” Carlo asked the president. “The president thought he was joking.”

The president asked Carlo about which aspect of American History he liked the most. But Carlo couldn’t answer. An Uber driver was delivering some subs. Carlo has ordered two meatball subs and a large fries from DiBlasio’s. You know what Carlo said to the president? ‘”Excuse me Mr. President, but I’ve got two meatball subs coming from DiBlasio’s. I need to answer the door…and besides, I’m starved.”’

“The president thought that was hilarious. He believed Carlo was joking!”

“What happened next?” I asked.

“We ate the subs! What do you think we did.”

“What did Carlo think of the president?”

“He said the president asked him about a job for a long lost cousin living in Massachusetts.”

“Carlo said, ‘” Sure. Send him into my chief of staff. We can probably find a space for him at the city yard,’” he answered. “The president thanked him. That was that,” the Blue Suit said to me.

“How are you doing?” I asked the Blue Suit. “I mean, it’s Thanksgiving. How are you feeling about the holiday?”

“I’m, glad the election is over. I’m glad Carlo won. But I’m not feeling great. I’m worried.”

“About what?” I asked.

“Stuff. Private stuff. Carlo stuff. I’d rather not say.”

“ Is something going on I should know about?” I asked.

“You probably know about it, Josh. You, better than most, understand what’s going on.”

“Come on, please tell me.”

“Soon enough. You will find out.”

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