LaMonica Wins Recount with Cornelio

Margaret Cornelio and Joseph LaMonica pose for the Leader Herald before the start of the recount Sunday. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

The Lesson: Every Vote Counts

By Josh Resnek

A recount of the School Committee at Large race Sunday at Everett High School resulted with incumbent Joseph LaMonica adding one vote to a three vote lead over his opponent, Margaret Cornelio.

About 100 men and women, many of them city employees and or relatives, supporters and friends of LaMonica and Cornelio, gathered inside the EHS cafeteria at 9:00 a.m. to take their respective places at tables where the votes were recounted.

When all was said and done a few hours later, LaMonica came away with the victory – the closest engagement between political rivals in this city in quite some time.

Cornelio said she was disappointed but congratulated LaMonica.

LaMonica said he was very pleased.

Perhaps 50 of the 100 or so organizers and officials of the re-count signed disclosures of appearance of conflict of interest as required by state law.

This action by so many there highlights the closely knit fabric of the city’s political world when it comes together at a recount. The public was kept outside of the cafeteria as the recounting of the ballots went on.

Everett Police were present.

Oversight was abundant.

As recounts tend to go, this one went smoothly, with incident. Although there was a great deal of talk before the recount and during the weeks since the election about votes of outsiders being recounted, there was no way to mitigate against this for either side.

Besides, those voting from out of town in Everett elections must be challenged when they cast their vote, not during a re-count.

The law does not provide for this.

For LaMonica, it is back to the School Committee where he is well liked and respected by his colleagues.

For Cornelio, it is back to the drawing boards.

With only 4 votes separating the two politicians, the old adage that every vote counts seemed meaningful at Sunday’s recount.

It is a truth that every vote counts.

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