The Meaning Of Four Votes

The LaMonica-Cornelio recount last Sunday proves one thing – every vote counts in a close election.

LaMonica’s four vote victory is sweet for him.

Cornelio’s four vote loss is a tragedy for her.

If Cornelio had gotten five more people to vote for her, she would have won and not LaMonica.

The same, of course can be said of LaMonica’s effort.

He got the five more people needed to best Cornelio. Which brings us to the meaning of this short missive about the importance of every vote in a close election.

Had Cornelio found five more voters to get out of their homes and to head to a voting precinct and to cast their vote, she would have won.

This didn’t happen.

In the end, Cornelio brought out her largest vote possible… only to miss victory by five votes.

In the end, LaMonica topped Cornelio because he brought out a bigger vote…even though his margin of victory was four votes.

Every vote counts. Just ask LaMonica and Cornelio.

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