Matewsky Honored at End of his Presidency by City Council

Leader Herald Staff

Honoring his presidency and 40 years of service, outgoing Council President Wayne Matewsky was given a first class send-off by his colleagues Monday night.

The short ceremony was led by Councilor Anthony DiPierro who made honest and emotional remarks about Matewsky – who is his godfather.

Councilor Jimmy Tri Le also spoke and thanked Matewsky for his leadership and for his mentoring.

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Council Requests AG’s Investigation of Mayor’s Longevity Payments

“Look into the mayor’s longevity payments, please.”

By Josh Resnek

The city council wants answers from State Attorney General Maura Healey about the mayor’s questionable $40,000 a year longevity payments.

“This letter is a request that was made at our December 13th Council meeting for your office to look into the longevity bonus the Mayor of Everett is receiving,” wrote City Clerk Sergio Cornelio to the Attorney General.

“The City Council discussed an ordinance to delete longevity for the Office of the Mayor at the December 13th council meeting and the ordinance failed to pass. The members who asked for the deletion of the ordinance believe that the ordinance, which was passed in 2016, is being incorrectly interpreted and that the mayor has been receiving a larger amount and more frequent payments than is allowed by said ordinance,” Cornelio wrote.

The letter was signed by Councilor at Large Mike Marchese on behalf of the city council.

Cornelio counter signed the request. As the city clerk, and the official clerk for the city council, Cornelio was required to do so.

Marchese and several of his colleagues, including Fred Capone, expressed outrage about the mayor receiving a $40,000 a year longevity payment when he and other councilors believe it should be $2,500.

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The Patriots

The Pats lost their second in a row after winning 7 in a row.

The loss to the Buffalo Bills at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro on Sunday was especially depressing for this single reason – the Pats aren’t yet there to take on a Super Bowl grade team.

The Bills, we do not believe, are Super Bowl material.

If the Pat’s can’t beat the Bills at home in a game that was never to be theirs, well, what is there to say about the Pat’s viability during the runup to the championship playoffs and the Super Bowl.

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Good Bye 2021

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Those words by Charles Dickens in his French Revolution masterpiece “A Tale of Two Cities,” seems to sum up 2021 without ambiguity.

It was a good year.

It was a bad year.

In one way or another, nearly all out lives have been changed by the events of 2020-2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to its knees.

In many respects, the world remains on its knees with the future is as uncertain as any time in modern history.

Many terrified by the changing environment are mentally frayed by the results of the pandemic and of its continuing hold on our lives.

Wishing it away does not work.

We must follow the science of medicine but a large part of the American population does not wish to make their decisions according to science.

These free thinkers reserve their right to live or die or to become ill by not vaccinating.

Following science for these people is akin to giving up their personal freedoms as Americans.

Science has been replaced by politics and mindless debate by conspiracy addicts, right wingers, fiscal degenerates and the left who appear to want everything their way, or no way.

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— Eye on Everett —

The Blue Suit

I was shocked when I heard the mayor talking on his cell with someone who told him not to take the longevity payment in January because it would lead to trouble.

– The mayor’s Blue Suit speaking with Josh Resnek


“I couldn’t believe it. The mayor was told he can’t take the $40,000 longevity payment. I couldn’t believe it again when I watched ECTV’s broadcast of the city council meeting Monday night when the mayor informed the council he would not be taking the $40,000 yearly payment in January. I had to wonder why? Why won’t he be taking the $40,000? But then, I know the mayor so well. I know him like a son or a brother. I can look into his eyes and know exactly how he’s feeling. This I know. If there was any possible way for him to take that payment and put it into his bank account he would have done it. That’s a guarantee. He is not one to give up $40,000 without a fight. Whomever he was speaking with on the cell must have told him that to take the money was to put himself in a jam. Anything other than that wouldn’t have stopped him from taking the payment,” the Blue Suit told me.

“So what happens now?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“By backing away from taking the payment, there are many who will believe that that there was something wrong or fake or hidden, unethical or even illegal about taking it. Let’s face it,” I emphasized to the Blue Suit. “He’s in jam taking it. I think he’s in jam not taking it. And what did you think about Eric Demas’ three page letter to the council” I asked the Blue Suit.

We were again driving around the city checking out Everett inside my beaten up Honda Fit. After several weeks of not running in my backyard, I took it to my favorite mechanic – an old Everett guy and a class act – and he took care of it for me. Now that its running again, I felt that my life inside an old junker had come back to life. Some of us feel very comfortable in beaten up old automobiles like my red Honda I drive. I’m not like the mayor, who needs to be seen in a late model Mercedes. But getting back to Monday night, I was stunned by the mayor’s announcement. I was also stunned by several hundred Capone supporters who packed the council chamber to bid their man a final goodbye. There was no way the mayor was going to get himself involved in that scene. He was nowhere to be seen in the hall that night. Just as well, for him. After all, it didn’t go well for him Monday night.

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