Oliveira’s reopening a bonus

Several weeks back when Oliveira’s on Broadway was forced to close because of a fire that gutted the top floors of the building where it is located, many people lamented that this was the end for a great while to come of one of Everett’s favorite Brazilian restaurants.

Oliviera’s has reopened in the old Braz Restaurant on Everett Square. The restaurant that was burned down in a recent fire has a new building and customers are streaming in. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Like a Phoenix rising, Oliveira’s has miraculously come to life in Everett Square.

Its new incarnation is a great boost to the Square’s half-hearted effort at being alive.

Oliveira’s presence in the Square will bring thousands of people into the Square to eat.

There is plenty of parking.

Bottom line, this offers up opportunities for gains to be made in the Square as it tries to find itself as the city muddles around figuring out how to have a preferred developer to commence with the redevelopment.

Now is the time for others to explore opportunities that abound in the Square.

Oliveira’s can be the anchor of a new day to follow.

The city and others must move quickly, as Oliveira’s will likely return to its location just outside of Glendale Square when the building that burned has been rehabbed.

That is at least two years away.

In the meantime, check out Oliveira’s in the Square. Check out the 8/10 on Norwood Street around the counter for a fine plate of pasta. Check out the Square Deli and its arguably five star pizza. Check out the Mexican restaurant and on and on and on.

Disasters aren’t the end.

They are the beginning of a new day.

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