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$40,000 a year mayor’s bonus on chopping block or not?

December 13 council meeting moment of truth

By Josh Resnek

The mayor’s $40,000 yearly longevity bonus payment will be taken up by the Everett City Council December 13.

It is an end of the year measure which is arguably among the most significant issues the council has faced in several years.

It pits the mayor against the council for the $40,000 a year longevity payment, which many in government who believe it should not be paid, and many others who just don’t care enough to take a stand.

Councilors Fred Capone and Mike Marchese will be leading the way with John Hanlon.

Capone is said to be certain that several members cannot vote on the matter because of a conflict of interest.

Councilor Anthony DiPierro is the mayor’s cousin.

Several councilors believe he should recuse himself.

Councillor Richard Dell Isola has three family members who work for the city.

Those members say the same about Dell Isola, who tends to obediently support the mayor no matter what the question is.

Marchese calls the bonus illegal, unethical and “just plain wrong.”

All three longtime councilors believe the longevity payment is illegal or improper, or both.

Hanlon told the Leader Herald he would not accept it if he was the mayor – and he is a former mayor who understands the issue.

“That kind of payout just isn’t right,” Hanlon said.

Capone believes the longevity payment should be stripped from the City Charter by defunding it.

Capone is said to be searching for the legal basis, if in fact there is one that can be found, for the excessive bonus payout and that he will be calling the city solicitor before the council.

A big question mark is how Councilors Stephanie Martins and Jimmy Tri Le will vote.

Martins is said to be thinking about running for state representative. However, if she gives the mayor her vote, it will greatly impact her higher office pretensions because Everett voters like a semblance of independence in their state rep.

Le, on the other hand, is enigmatical about the issue.

Le does not show his cards.

He is, however, single minded and independent. Will he support the payment of such an excessive bonus yearly to the mayor or not?

Councilor Gerly Adrien should have a great deal to say about the longevity.

However, Adrien has not appeared at council meetings since the September primary.

She is expected to appear at the December 13 meeting.

There is also some talk about a protest in front of city hall by residents opposing the longevity payment for the mayor, who is the highest paid mayor in the state.

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