Can Encore control its surging clientele

Random shootings, beatings and stabbings among other crimes creates law enforcement nightmare

By Josh Resnek

Since the Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel opened in June, 2019, there has been a plague of shootings, stabbings, beatings and riots at the casino and the hotel.

Just last week, police reported gun shots fired inside the casino and hotel’s main underground parking lot.

Wednesday night, police were called to the garage about the gunshots. An investigation is taking place.

For the past 2 years, police have consistently reported a wide variety of violence taking place on the property.

Encore has a zero tolerance policy about violence and has made repeated efforts to contain and to eliminate violence.

Casino analysts agree – wherever there is a casino there are problems with violence and lawlessness.

There has been a drive-by shooting, riots extending from the hotel lobby onto the gaming floor of the casino, overdose deaths, big fights, stabbings, and beatings.

Now with a large development that will draw big crowds across the street, Encore’s security staff and local and State Police who patrol the facility will need to ramp up their presence.

Police are kept busy on a nightly basis keeping peace and order at the facility.

Since the grand opening in June, 2019, there have been hundreds of police actions required in response to situations at the casino and hotel.

Some months back, following a week of serious incidents at the casino and hotel, Councilor Mike Mclaughlin went on television and said order must be kept.

“Order must be kept. The lawlessness is concerning to me and to many others,”McLaughlin said.

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