Politics is always remaking itself; nothing lasts forever

Lt. Governor Polito and Governor Baker.

By Josh Resnek

Most of us who pay attention to politics had one opinion or another about the announcement last week that Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito will not be seeking re-election.

To those who know the governor well, this announcement has been a long time coming- and even though Baker referred to it as a “complex decision,” it was, after all, a decision that required only one thing – a yes or a no.

His answer – a resounding no.

Baker and Polito have done a good job during their tenure in the State House.

These are smart, decent, honest people who were well off before they went to the State House, and who did not enrich themselves while they served.

In other words, their hands were not out.

They are not takers – and now they are leaving.

Part of the Massachusetts miracle is that Baker and Polito are Republicans in what is arguably the most liberal Democratic state in the union (California is right up there but the governor there is not a Republican).

What can both Baker and Polito look forward to when they are done at the State House.

For one, neither of them will have listen to people who they do not respect and who always have their hands out.

They will not be forced to attend meetings, dedications, anniversaries, birthdays and the wide variety of human events which they nominally show up for.

They have their weekends again.

There will be more time for their families.

And forgive me, there will more time for themselves to do whatever they want.

We all come to understand that freedom is expensive but so too is devoting oneself to being the Governor and Lt. Governor of Massachusetts.

They will both enjoy clear slates when they leave office.

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