The rush to Christmas

Thanksgiving came and went like a track star running a 220 meter race.


It seemed far away one moment.

The next moment it came closer rapidly.

When it got here and passed – well – it came and went so fast there didn’t seem that there was much time to enjoy it.

Now Christmas is rushing toward us.

It is rushing toward us like a freight train at full speed going downhill.

It is going to come and go like the snap of a finger – just like that and then it’s on to the New Year.


These holidays seem to get lost in a jumble of faster moments from year to year for those of us who are older.

Do younger people feel this way?

I doubt it.

What to do about this?

Take each day and each of these holidays one at a time. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly and thank the Lord you are here to watch these holidays pass. Being here is the only thing that matters.

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