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Carlo’s Deception

By Stephen Pinto

Unfortunately, the majority of the city council rolled over and played dead Monday night.

They gave numerous excuses as to why they couldn’t, shouldn’t and wouldn’t vote to repeal the mayor’s outrageous longevity payment (bonus) of $40,000 each year.

All their speeches about how they represent the taxpayers, are only speeches.

The argument to rescind this abuse of longevity pay for the mayor couldn’t have been more clear.

A child could understand the language. But not our city council.

The council thumbed their nose to all taxpayers.

They pretended they couldn’t understand the language in the ordinance.

How convenient.

The council could have repealed it and then let the new council address the issue of longevity.

As usual the puppets fell in line.

And others were just plain scared to make a tough vote.

A shoutout to councillors Capone, Marchese, Matewsky and Jimmy Tri Le.

They clearly understood what was happening. The only difference between them and their blind colleagues was admitting it.

How the mayor is secretly getting $40,000 a year extra on top of his 191k salary is a big lie.

Thumbs down to the rest of the mayor’s puppets who were too afraid to make the tough decision.

Taxpayers need to wake up.

Throw the puppets out of office when the time comes.

It is Carlo’s deception.

Carlo and his team of cohorts buried the $40,000 payment in the budget.

So much for transparency.

Stephen Pinto is a contributor to the Leader Herald. He is a longtime Everett resident.

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