From all of us to all of you

The Christmas season this year is again in our lives a moment to enjoy family and loved ones and stop for a moment to reflect.

This Christmas season as we sit around the dinner table, or on the floor in front of a fire and the Christmas tree with presents spread around at its base we all have a great deal to be grateful for.

The pandemic has changed our lives. It has reshaped the future. It is still impacting the present and causing disruptions.

But Christmas did not end last year.

It has continued.

At this point, Christmas seems eternal.

This Christmas will be a better one than last Christmas.

On the other hand, we only get so many Christmas holidays to celebrate in a lifetime.

That is why each Christmas is so precious.

Christmas is not to be wasted or ignored.

We need memories of great times to hold onto to give us a reason to live and to always be moving forward in our lives. This Christmas season seems to be more hopeful.

Many of you band together to aid the needy with toys and food, with love and affection, with deep concern and efforts intended to inspire.

This is a time of year and a holiday to come out of oneself, so to speak, to awaken and to smell the roses.

The Leader Herald feels this Christmas pulse, this Christmas heartbeat, this time we gather round to celebrate life, to celebrate our lives.

Christmas is all about generosity, decency, tradition and love. Thank God Christmas is not political.

The commercialism connected with Christmas doesn’t make the holiday worse. It makes it better.

Who among us doesn’t love receiving presents from loved ones or colleagues or associates?

To this end, the Leader Herald wishes our readers, whom we love and admire, a very Merry Christmas.

We are humbled by the reception we receive every Wednesday.

It is like Christmas happens 52 times a year for the Leader Herald.

Again, a very Merry Christmas to you all. Health, wealth and happiness to you all!

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