Merry Christmas to Mac Jones

Patriot’s quarterback Mac Jones is a Christmas present supreme for New England sports fans.

His presence allows the Pat’s to strive for another Super Bowl appearance, something we could not have imagined last year.

Mac Jones is in a position that former Red Sox great Carl Yastremski can well understand.

How so?

When Ted Williams retired, Yastremski took over the baseball legend’s left field position and number 3 place in the batting line-up.

Can you imagine replacing Ted Williams?

I can’t.

How do you replace who was arguably the greatest hitter in baseball history and the last player to bat over .400 – a record very likely never to be broken?

It is something easier said than done.

Yastremski’s first year was like Mac Jones first year.

It was a year full of questions. It is a year full of questions.

Through it all, Jones has played with unsurpassable early glimpses of greatness.

But he’s no Tom Brady, is he or is he?

Yastremski came to win the triple crown in 1967.

In the end, his career was not that of Ted Williams but rather, he occupies a space in Red Sox history very much like that of Ted Williams.

The same dynamic is now in play for Mac Jones.

He lives in the shadow of the greatest living football player in history – and that is some shadow to live under.

Yet he has performed like a champion in the tradition of the greatest.

So here’s a Merry Christmas to Mac Jones – and our best wishes for the remainder of the season.

May the wind be at your back, Mac.

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