Matewsky Honored at End of his Presidency by City Council

Leader Herald Staff

Honoring his presidency and 40 years of service, outgoing Council President Wayne Matewsky was given a first class send-off by his colleagues Monday night.

The short ceremony was led by Councilor Anthony DiPierro who made honest and emotional remarks about Matewsky – who is his godfather.

Councilor Jimmy Tri Le also spoke and thanked Matewsky for his leadership and for his mentoring.

Matewsky was given a classic John Kennedy style rocking chair with the city seal on it.

“I am so touched by this expression of friendship from my colleagues,” Matewsky told the Leader Herald.

“For a while last winter I didn’t know whether or not I would make it following my heart attack and the complications that followed. Now I am back. I have friends all over this city. I am back to about 80%. I am looking forward to serving the residents of Everett who mean so much to me,” he added.

“It has been a pleasure to serve. I enjoy it. I try to help people if I can.”

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