Cordero, Crimson Tide Remain atop GBL

Everett High’s Steven Cordero battles for a loose ball against Cambridge Rindge and Latin in the season opener. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

By Lorenzo Recupero

At about the halfway point of the 22-game regular season, the Crimson Tide, led by several key contributors, including junior guard Steven Cordero, stand at a healthy 9-2 overall.

With close losses to only Brookline (69- 62)) and Cambridge Rindge & Latin (53-48), the Tide remain undefeated (8-0) in the strong Greater Boston League.

Powering the surge for the division-leading Tide is Cordero, who is averaging 19.5 points to go along with 4 assists and 3 steals per game.

“Steven has really taken a step forward this year. Last year, during the pandemic season, we handed him the keys so to speak because we knew he’d be our guy directing the offense for the next few years. It was a season of growth for him. I’d like to say that he learned a lot from that shortened season, especially in the conference championship against Lynn English, because he came back with a mentality of wanting to prove something,” said EHS Head Coach Stanley Chamblain of his junior guard, who spent the offseason improving his game.

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Spend, Gift and Support City of Everett Local Businesses

New mobile gift card program sponsored by the Everett Chamber of Commerce, employers, and merchants serves as a simple way to give back to our community

Everett Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the new Everett Chamber E-Gift Card, a community-based digital gift card that makes it fun and easy to keep local spending local. Purchase an Everett Chamber E-Gift Card to use at any of the participating shops in the neighborhood. With this card, you can write a personal message and send it to family, friends and colleagues via email, text, or physical copy. Recipients can choose to spend it at one of many (and growing) participating merchants in the City of Everett Community—or mix it up and spend flexibly at multiple locations. All-digital and always available on your phone, the Everett Chamber E-Gift Card is great for birthdays, holidays, teacher appreciation, coach gifts, or just to show your appreciation to a friend. Now you can give back to the community while you celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduations coming up soon.

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Jar Gravy Is Not the End of the World

By Josh Resnek

I am not Italian but I love gravy, and especially, home made gravy.

I often make my own gravy, skinning the tomatoes, carefully boiling them down, adding spices and garlic and Basil leaves for special effect.

Making gravy is an art form.

As a non-Italian, I don’t go waving a flag that I’ve made great gravy.

When I don’t have time to make real gravy, I am going to make an admission that horrifies most Italians.

I buy bottled commercial gravy.

I know. I know. This is totally unacceptable behavior for those Italian people used to their mother’s homestyle, home made gravy.

But what is a Jewish man to do when I am hankering for spaghetti?

I’ve experimented with many commercial brands bought at the supermarket.

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How Long Will the Charade Last?

By Stephen Pinto

Number One, the mayor is an elected official and should not receive longevity pay.

Number Two, it’s the sneaky underhanded way the 40k was being calculated and paid out to the mayor that should worry everyone living in this city.

It was calculated incorrectly. It was hidden from the public. It was not included in the published budget as a line item. The city council has professed being confused about it. Can you imagine?

Just about anyone can figure out what is going on.

The city council needs to study the issue.

That is the joke of all jokes except the joke is on us, the tax-payers and residents of Everett. Of course the mayor was not about to point that out. Funny how politicians always play dumb when it’s in their favor. Now comes the top one hundred paid city employee list printed in the Independent. The mayor likely asked that this be published.

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Let a Real Attorney Rule

Asking the Everett city solicitor for rulings on important matters that concern the City Charter and Ethics should come to an end.

The City Council so relies on the city solicitor’s rulings that her rulings are often becoming de facto laws in contravention of the city charter and of a more simple law – that is- the law of what is right and what is clearly wrong.

Nearly everyone serving on the council understands the $40,000 a year longevity payment to the mayor is a farce and very likely is not allowed.

The city solicitor has ruled it is perfectly legal and OK. This ruling, despite her knowing as a lawyer the language indicates the mayor should be receiving $10,000 per term or $2500 per year – not $40,000.

Such rulings about matters connected to the mayor like an umbilical cord should not be asked of her, given by her or taken as the last word by those who asked.

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