Scout, Also Known as Whiffle Readying Himself for 2022

He Has No Preferences When It comes to Food

By Josh Resnek

This is a classic dog story about Scout, also known as Whiffle.

He is 6 years old, part greyhound, part who knows what, mostly gray, white and black with long legs, capable of moving him at lightning speed.

My wife and I adopted him. He came from Arkansas.

Scout is not just another dog. He is a presence. He is friendly. He is loving. He is playful. He can be serious.

In a perfect world, Scout would have been a beach dog – you know – the kind of dog who spends all his time at the beach, in the water, rolling in the sand, chasing sticks while at the same time not bothering other dogs but always sniffing around for a strange scrap of food here and there.

I take Scout to the beach every day.

Until the weather changed at the end of the summer, he swam every day.

I’d throw rocks into the waves. Scout chased them, diving with full force into the oncoming waves. He didn’t care how big the waves were. He dove into them chest first.

Very impressive, really.

I knew he was enjoying himself. His tail was wagging up high.

As we’ve come to know one another, Scout stays close by when we are out. Inside the house, he follows me around.

Scout has four or five places in our home where the sun comes through the windows where he likes to sit.

He goes from place to place following the sun and the warmth.

Scout enjoys a good snooze.

Like most dogs, he can sleep all afternoon with ease.

At night, he sleeps in bed with my wife and I.

I know that’s not supposed to be allowed– but hey – he’s a great sleeping companion.

He enjoys me as his “master” but he really loves my wife.

My wife’s touch controls him.

Scout is in love with my wife.

I am in love with him.

We are all in love with each other. Having Scout is all about a love affair.

I never believed I could care as much for a dog.

But I do.

Scout controls me. He demands snacks.

He gets antsy when it’s time to eat. He’s at the kitchen refrigerator door each time I open it–and most of the time he gets something for being so dogged.

I take him out everyday for the beach walk. Now and then, if its raining, the day will pass without Scout getting out.

He doesn’t like this. He hasn’t told me so but then, I know him so well, I know what he is thinking.

He knows how to control me.

Scout has a fantastic tail. His tail is like an engine at times.

He tries his best to direct me as to what we are going to do.

Yeah. I talk to him. He doesn’t answer back and yet he does in his own particular style.

I try not to control him as though he is an animal. I treat him with respect and interest, more like a person than a dog.

Whether eating, sleeping, running outdoors or just sitting in my study while I write, Scout has become my best friend.

Scout is a great friend.

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