The Botched Inauguration

ECTV managed again to make us fools by failing to accomplish the successful live broadcast of the inauguration of Mayor DeMaria, the City Council and the School Committee Monday night.

For many of us, the inauguration came to an end at 6:10 p.m. just as Father Cha Cha of the Immaculate Conception Church delivered the invocation at the beginning of the ceremony.

The ceremony began at 6:00 p.m.

Then the screen went blank with this notation: “This video file cannot be played. (Error Code:232400)”

Others we spoke with regarding the gaffe indicated the ceremony broadcast went on and off, more off than on.

Ours never came back on.

Others complained the stage was not properly illuminated, and that the camera was too far away from the stage, making it difficult to identify the new members.

Let this botched broadcast be a reminder – ECTV is not the mayor’s personal television station.

It is not his decision what is to be shown and what is to be deleted.

We are not implying the mayor deleted his own inauguration.

Not even he would think of doing that unless he believed his inauguration to be an embarrassment.

ECTV is famous for poor production riddled with video blackouts and audio gaffes. This proves there is no quality control at ECTV.

ECTV is supposed to act as an independent entity, indepen- dent of the mayor and of anyone else ordering the director what to do.

We have reported ECTV blackouts, deletions of speakers, the loss of entire tapings and now we are attempting to make the case that ECTV is not owned by the mayor and should not be manipulated and controlled by the mayor and his staff.

It is a station for the people of Everett – not for the mayor and his political deadbeat lackeys and their pathetic political games.

The director of ECTV should immediately resign.

The station is run incompetently.

The botched video presentation of the mayor’s inauguration proves the city council and the school committee are dupes of a flawed system of government.

ECTV couldn’t manage to broadcast a remote inauguration. ECTV also failed with the school committee broadcast. What a joke.

The joke is on those of us who attempted to watch.

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