Sink the School Committee Agenda

The new school committee is all about doing the mayor’s bidding.

They can tell you this isn’t the case, but it is.

He has wanted Superintendent Priya Tahiliani either removed from her position or to resign for more than a year and half.

The mayor’s ascendancy to a voting seat on the school committee is believed to be a fair accompli about getting rid of Tahiliani.

The effort to remove her from her position is already underway. Everything else is a subterfuge. The process has already begun in private among the mayor and the school committee votes he owns.

The effort is not yet in earnest in public.

This will come shortly. Watch for it.

Ridding the school system of one of its brightest lights during one of the school system’s darkest moments to satisfy the whim of the mayor, well, that’s just all wrong.

Perhaps the new school committee can find something more meaningful to do than to rid the schools of Tahiliani.

The Leader Herald did not support Tahiliani when she first came along. We wrote that someone local might be more attuned to Everett and be of more use to the public school kids of this city.

As we came to know Tahiliani, to know her was to like her and to appreciate how smart she is.

It is typical of this city and our mayor that he and the school committee should wish to rid the city of its only woman of color and ethnicity in an important managerial position.

The Leader Herald knows no one on the school committee will stand up for Tahiliani and fight by her side to protect her from being removed.

What is about to befall her should not be allowed to happen.

Those leading the charge against her should be ashamed of themselves.

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