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The Bitter Cold

We haven’t experienced cold like this in several years.

This kind of cold always tends to make a mockery out of the idea that the earth is warming – but it is, and we know it.

The cruelty of such bitter cold is unimaginable to those who live down south and have never tasted of a New England winter.

This frigid, icy cold is a killer.

If you are outside unprotected for longer than 20 minutes in cold like this you will die.

If the water pipes in your home are not protected they will freeze and then burst – and then comes the plumber and there’s goes your money.

We love walking our pets outdoors. But who loves walking their pets outdoors when it is -3 or -4 below zero?

When it gets cold like this our heating systems run day and night. If paying for heating oil doesn’t sink you, paying for natural gas will.

It is always during times like these that the heating system breaks down.

That being said, most of us who have lived here all our lives, who live through all the seasons from year to year, have come to enjoy some aspects of the New England winter.

Shouldn’t we all be in Florida?

Wouldn’t that be an antidote?

Then again, in Florida you’ve got to keep your air conditioning on 24/7 or your home will grow enough mold to send you to heaven.

Everything must be airconditioned just to make life livable in Florida for millions of folks.

If you love New England, if you love Boston, if you love living in the city of Everett and call this place your home, then Florida is OK but it is not what the Greeks called panacea.

Beating the winter in New England is an art. It is a blood sport.

Returning back to Everett from Florida is like leaving the frying pan and jumping into the ice bucket.

Far better to stay here and fight against freezing than to be fooled by the warmth for a few weeks in Florida.

That being said, we are all now praying for relief from the bitter cold. The bitter cold is insane. Mainly, its plain old bitter.

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