The Patriots

the defeat the Patriots suffered at the hands of the Miami Dolphins last Sunday was convincing evidence the Pats have gone as high as they can go.

True, the Pats are getting a playoff game, and a chance to advance.

Also true, the Super bowl remains ions away for the Pats.

Even should they win their first playoff game, climbing to the top of the NFL mountain this year just isn’t in the cards.

We’d love to be made to eat crow on this prediction.

The Pats have had a great season of ups and downs – more ups than downs – more greatness than the lack of it.

However, Mac Jones and the rest of the gang at their best cannot beat the top contenders for a place in Las Vegas at the Super Bowl.

The Pats spotty play, their drop behind early tendencies, their turnovers and interceptions and defensive lapses have all come together nearing the end of their run.

All of us should enjoy their chance at advancing. None of us should be disappointed if they fail.

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