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Fallout From Encore Land Deal Earns Wynn Resorts Victory in Federal Court

JANUARY 16: Encore Boston Harbor is reflected in the Mystic River. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Gattineri to Appeal Failed $19 Million Lawsuit

By Josh Resnek

A promise and a handshake by a high ranking Wynn Resorts official with one of the casino land owners was not enough to allow the landowner’s Federal lawsuit to prevail.

Anthony Gattineri’s contract dispute arising out of the sale of the Everett land for the construction of the Encore casino and hotel sought to have Wynn Resorts pay him what he believed was due from the sale.

He wanted $19 million he believed he was owed after the price for the land was dropped dramatically by agreement between the Gaming Commission, officials from Wynn Resorts, and even his own partners in the real estate deal.

Gattineri’s fight to regain money he believes was his and to fully exonerate himself after being prosecuted for crimes related to the land sale, (he was found innocent in Federal District Court by a jury), is another barrier in then long road to ultimate justice for the Winchester businessman and entrepreneur.

“I am appealing this ruling. I am not giving up until I get what I am owed,” Gattineri told the Leader Herald.

Gattineri’s claim arose from a meeting he had with a former Wynn Resorts executive Rob DeSalvio, one of the key players in the Everett Encore project.

Gattineri claimed DeSalvio promised to make Gattineri “whole,” according to the 25 page ruling issued by F. Dennis Saylor IV, the Chief Judge, United States District Court in Massachusetts.

Gattineri said they agreed on the $19 million and shook hands on it.

DeSalvio allegedly said so at a time when Gattineri was withholding his signature from final documents indicating the reduced price of the land to Wynn Resorts, and the reduced payback from the expected sale of the land to the investors of record.

The land ultimately sold for $35 million.

Environmental issues brought the price down.

Gattineri interpreted he was owed $19 million on the original $75 million sale price.

As a result of Gattineri’s handshake deal with DeSalvio, he signed a certificate that allowed Wynn Resorts to get necessary state approvals for a gaming license.

That was June 14, 2014.

Fast forward to 2022.

Gattineri was subsequently indicted in a Federal lawsuit claiming he was in cahoots with Dustin DeNunzio and Charlie Lightbody, two owners of the land.

After a long and bitter fight, Gattineri was found innocent in Federal Court by a jury of all charges.

But by that time, Gattineri complains, his reputation was ruined and he was ripped off by a process that was out of control.

Gattineri says he is still seeking justice.

Judge Saylor’s ruling pays little heed to Gattineri’s breach of contract and common law fraud claims.

He granted Wynn Resorts a summary judgement they sought. Gattineri will be appealing the ruling.

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