Partial Payment of Driver’s Fines Being Driven by Rep. McGonagle

An Antidote to Suspension, Revocation

By Josh Resnek

Have you ever racked up fines that got so high your driver’s license was suspended and you weren’t allowed to drive and your life virtually came apart as a result?

If Everett Rep. Joe McGonagle has his way, a bill he has co-sponsored with Senator Sal DiDomenico on the senate side of the aisle, will allow for partial payment of fines instead of relying only on suspension and revocation.

The matter was taken up last week at a Joint Committee on Transportation.

McGonagle appeared before the committee.

Rep. McGonagle said he spoke from personal experience, having former employees who faced continuous roadblocks of not having their licenses due to their owed fees. He says the breaking point came a few years ago when a constituent approached him about his issue and reached out to DA Marian Ryan to see what could be done.

DA Ryan also spoke before the committee.

“This bill just makes sense,” said McGonagle. “You can only qualify for this repayment plan if you’ve met all the other requirements for license reinstatement, but this just lessens the burden of having to pay a sizable amount all at once. Instead paying $2000 out of pocket, you can pay a little as $25 a month and start driving again, which is critical for many in their daily lives. The bill also safeguards against defaulters, that if you miss a payment, your license is suspended again. We are trying to give our residents the help and support they deserve. I am grateful to DA Ryan and her office for their support and also to my colleague Senator DiDomenico and his staff.”

The bill is before the Joint Committee on Transportation, led by House Chair William Straus and Senate Chair John Keenan.

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