How Long Will the Charade Last?

By Stephen Pinto

Number One, the mayor is an elected official and should not receive longevity pay.

Number Two, it’s the sneaky underhanded way the 40k was being calculated and paid out to the mayor that should worry everyone living in this city.

It was calculated incorrectly. It was hidden from the public. It was not included in the published budget as a line item. The city council has professed being confused about it. Can you imagine?

Just about anyone can figure out what is going on.

The city council needs to study the issue.

That is the joke of all jokes except the joke is on us, the tax-payers and residents of Everett. Of course the mayor was not about to point that out. Funny how politicians always play dumb when it’s in their favor. Now comes the top one hundred paid city employee list printed in the Independent. The mayor likely asked that this be published.

The idea was to make it look like the mayor is not overpaid. What a joke, that this was printed likely for that reason, to bolster the mayor.

Everett is no different from any other large city.

The mayor is never at the top of the payroll. Most cases they are not even close.

Revealing the top 100 highest paid city employees is a crude strategy to make it appear that the police and fire employees are overpaid.

Unlike the mayor, police and fire risk their lives in the line of duty. They are worth their weight in gold. Most are always at the top the payroll. And rightfully so.

Who answers the call every time?

The mayor? Forget about it.

I’d like to see a list of the top one hundred salaries for mayor in the commonwealth printed in the Independent.

It would show the mayor of Everett is the highest paid mayor in the state.

There was a time when people entered public service to help others.

Pay and perks were not part of the equation.

Today that’s all changed. It’s now fill your pockets with as much taxpayer money while you can. Even if you have to cheat to do it.

Don’t feel bad for Carlo not making as much as those who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect us and to serve us. Carlo is laughing all the way to the bank and suntanning himself in Aruba.

That’s his idea of heroism.

Stephen Pinto comments on politics and life in Everett. He is a longtime Everett resident.

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