The Top 100 Paid

The names of the top 100 highest paid city employees in Everett were published last week in a local newspaper.

We believe the intention was to show everyone just how much money police and firefighters make – and to make sure those who looked over the salaries could take away from it that many of those public safety officers are paid much more than the mayor.

This must have pleased the mayor, who is the highest paid Massachusetts mayor.

He must have been delighted the salaries were printed. He very likely asked that they be published.

Maybe he didn’t.

Why just the top 100? Why not everyone’s salary?

He did not ask the Leader Herald because we wouldn’t have published only the top 100 salaries, and certainly would not have published the top 100 to emphasize the point for the may-or that he makes less than some fire fighters and police officers.

What was missing from the top 100 is an addendum that should have gone something like this:

“Everett firefighters and police officers are not overpaid even though they make more than the mayor. Why? Because firefighters and police officers answer the call every time, and often at great risk to their lives, and with little disregard for their own families and responsibilities.

“The mayor does not put his life on the line ever, at all. He would like to be paid more than everyone else because he believes he does more than everyone else. That’s how he sees himself. Considering how our police and firefighters respond to our calls, considering how they are often injured and can die in the line of duty, any comparison to what the mayor does and to what Everett police officers and firefighters are required to do on a day to day basis fails to be comparable.

“The police and firefighters are worth every dollar they earn. The mayor, well, you can make your own decision about his salary and whether or not the mayor should receive more than those who protect the peace and who save lives in this city.

“The mayor’s salary is an embarrassment, especially with the hidden longevity included. The salaries of police officers and firefighters are justified.”

It’s as simple as that.

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