Stephanie Martin Shows Spine, Stephanie Smith Nails It, Also Mike Marchese is Right

By refusing to buckle to the administration’s claims that two city employees who ran for school committee and who won seats should be named “special employees” so they can be paid, Councilors Stephanie Martin, Stephanie Smith and Mike Marchese have performed a profile in courage.

Where they sit, and who they sit with on the council, makes it extremely difficult to go the other way when the administration is posturing to do things that aren’t exactly right.

We admire Martins, in this instance, for telling her colleagues that “double-dipping” is not allowed in the cases of the two school committee members seeking “special status” so the double dipping is allowed.

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The Top 100 Paid

The names of the top 100 highest paid city employees in Everett were published last week in a local newspaper.

We believe the intention was to show everyone just how much money police and firefighters make – and to make sure those who looked over the salaries could take away from it that many of those public safety officers are paid much more than the mayor.

This must have pleased the mayor, who is the highest paid Massachusetts mayor.

He must have been delighted the salaries were printed. He very likely asked that they be published.

Maybe he didn’t.

Why just the top 100? Why not everyone’s salary?

He did not ask the Leader Herald because we wouldn’t have published only the top 100 salaries, and certainly would not have published the top 100 to emphasize the point for the may-or that he makes less than some fire fighters and police officers.

What was missing from the top 100 is an addendum that should have gone something like this:

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Mayor’s Empty Seat at School Committee Speaks Volumes

Mayor DeMaria did not show to a key school committee meeting. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

By Josh Resnek

The mayor’s empty chair at last week’s School Committee meeting did not come as a surprise.

His empty chair expressed the mayor’s true interest in not appearing to be part of the meeting with his colleagues.

The meeting was intended as the first shot in a public engagement aimed at running Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani out of the city.

The mayor likely designed the attack but then never planned to show up to run it.

Tahiliani has taken the mayor to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination by filing a 31 page complaint making claims of racism and sexism against the mayor, and his cohorts.

The mayor has now been placed in a position to explain himself, and his actions, when it comes to racism and sexism against Tahiliani.

Last Tuesday night could have been a big moment in the mayor’s attempt to take over the School Department – but it wasn’t.

His acolytes on the School Committee couldn’t get out of their way. They took back or put off the egregious anti-superintendent measures that had been concocted before the meeting.

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Encore Gaming Revenues Remain Near to Record Level in December

Encore, MGM and Plainridge Generate $100 million

By Josh Resnek

Of the $95.6 million in gaming revenues generated in December by the state’s three gaming locations, Encore Boston Harbor topped the total with $62.4 million.

This was Encore’s second best month since opening in June, 2019. October, 2021 remains the biggest month with a $62.8 million haul.

The strong income figures for Encore, and for the other two locations, reveals that casino gaming is entering a new phase of higher monthly revenues and general attraction which has taken almost 2 years to gestate.

The state is very happy with this rising income level.

December’s tax take from the gaming revenues will be $26 million.

If the higher income trend continues, the state could collect north of $350 million in taxes in 2022.

Encore’s slot machines produced more income than table games in December, according to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s monthly revenue report.

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Everett Schools Superintendent accuses mayor of racism and sexism

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Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria, left, is being accused of discrimination by the superintendent of the Everett Public Schools, Priya Tahiliani. (ERIN CLARK FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE)

By Stephanie Ebbert Globe Staff, Updated January 19, 2022

The superintendent of the Everett Public Schools has accused the city’s mayor, Carlo DeMaria, of subjecting her to “blatant and overt acts of discrimination and retaliation” because she is an Indian-American woman who has hired administrative leaders who are not white.

Priya Tahiliani, who was appointed to lead the school system in December 2019,

“The institutional racism championed by Everett’s Mayor, Carlo DeMaria, and his cronies on the now reformed School Committee is palpable,” Tahiliani wrote in the complaint.

Tahiliani is the first person of color to lead the Everett schools. Her complaint accuses DeMaria of campaigning last year on an agenda to “get me out” while broadcasting his intentions to appoint two white men to replace her and her deputy superintendent, an Asian-American woman.

Deanna Deveney, the city’s director of communications, said DeMaria would not comment on the complaint “to ensure privacy on behalf of all parties involved, especially the complainant.”

Unanimously appointed by the School Committee, Tahiliani received a contract that runs through 2024. Soon after taking the job, she began to hire a more diverse staff to better reflect the city’s demographics, as the state Department of Education and Secondary Education recommends, the complaint states. About 83 percent of Everett students are people of color and the administrative team was previously 100 percent white.

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