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Oliveira’s Better Than Ever in the Square

By Josh Resnek

Before the snow began falling Friday night I stopped in to Oliveira’s in the Square for a late lunch with a friend.

What a lunch it turned out to be!

Most of you living in Everett who eat out every now and then know Oliveira’s.

It is Brazilian food and atmosphere and at its very best in Everett.

The Everett Square location is the restaurant’s reincarnation following the fire several months back at its well known location just beyond Glendale Square.

That location will be torn down and rebuilt into an extraordinary restaurant and living residences above with parking all around.

Better yet, the Everett Square restaurant will remain open for business.

Let’s get down to business.

About lunch.

My plate is always the same at Oliveira’s.

Mashed potatoes – buttery and fresh, salad – with all the ingredients I love – cucumbers, black olives, red onion, a bit of egg and tomato and then the best part, the Italian dressing – just rite.

I chose a single stick of asparagus and then it was onto the grill area.

An abundance of grilled meets on skewers is frankly one of the great food events in this city every day.

The server cut me two slices of rare beef and grilled chicken.

Both were stupendous – juicy, rich with taste, the beef was so rare, the chicken succulent and tasty as well.

My guest ordered up a great plate.

Short ribs cooked into oblivion without destroying the taste and creating a texture of meat so falling off the bone that it gives new meaning to meat falling off the bone ribs.

Grilled chicken added a boost for my guest, so too did the salad, the broccoli, and the Colliflower.

These are relatively short money dishes in the greater context of expensive restaurant dining. Inn other words, Oliveira is affordable and gives you quite a bang for the buck.

What makes the experience a full closed circle is the cleanliness of the place and its better grade of furniture and best of all, the graciousness of the help, who cater to your every need.

Oliveira’s entrance into the Everett Square food mix is a major league addition to the menu’s offered to Everett people looking for a bite.

And for out of towners looking for something special, Oliveira’s is not just a restaurant.

It is a destination.

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