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Tom Brady Retiring

It is official.

Tom Brady, the GOAT, the undisputed greatest quarterback of all time, has retired.

The best thing about this for all of us who love Tom Brady is that we never have to watch him play in a Buccaneers uniform again!

Watching him play for the Buccaneers was as cruel as it gets for New England football fans who love Brady and the Patriots.

We ask again and again, how did Bob Kraft let this happen? Does he care?
Sure he does.

Now he doesn’t have to watch Brady anymore playing for the Buccaneers.

That must be a good feeling for Kraft. But what about Brady?

What does retirement mean?

It is as tough as it gets for Brady who has been a great athlete and competitor on the field for much of his adult life. How does he accept his new position as a former great quarterback?

No easily and not ever.

When Sunday comes during the football season he will wish he was playing, again.

He is having to say goodbye to the greatest days of his athletic life.

Whatever he does in the future off the field will likely be substantial…but he will never again be a competitor on the field.

And that, all of you who love Tom Brady must know, is an impossible place to be in his life.

We wish him the best.

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